Friday, May 30, 2008

NA Rescue - Lim Chu Kang Dogs

Here are a series of photos of a backyard breeder who housed her dogs at a fish farm. This was where Lucky the Fox Terrier was rescued from.

See for yourself, the deplorable conditions of existence where dogs were caged 24/7 solely for the purpose of breeding puppies for unscrupulous businessman and in this case; a businesswoman with nary a care for their health. All dogs were tested positive for heartworms.

Should you be in the vicinity of any fish farm in Lim Chu Kang, please keep your eyes open and report any suspicious case of animal cruelty to AVA

Only tarpalines as shelter from sun and rain. When it rains, it leaks.
No raised platform to sleep on.

A Retriever stud dog. He is so bored that he chewed up the rim of the pail. The hole in the ground is to drain the excrement, hopefully cleared when it rains. Unfortunately that's the same place that the dog will sleep on too. In rain and sun.

Black Retriever dams used for breeding. Three's a crowd in the same cage.

Note the swollen teats. Dams are used to produce litter after litter without a break.

That's Lucky (upper left) in his cage. Note the algae flourishing in the pail of water.

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