Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Virtue of Older Dogs

We are often called upon to rescue older dogs, and many a time we find ourselves with a fair number of “Senior Citizens”. Many people tell us they are not interested in them because they are too old. It is not surprising that shelters consider these animals virtually unadoptable if they are over five years old. We find these attitudes senseless and unacceptable. There are many virtues in older dogs. Having been through a fair bit, they are typically calm, gentle and easy-going.

Many older dogs have at least half of their lives ahead of them if they receive proper care. These can be very special, loving and productive years, if human companions wish to make them so. We have been privileged to have cared and loved so many of them although others deemed them invalid.

It is apparent most people want puppies and puppies are easy to adopt. In many cases, people do not realize what they are getting into when they get a puppy. When they realise how much work and attention a puppy requires, many wish they had adopted an older dog that isn’t as energetic and comparatively easy to care for.

If you could adopt one of them, you would be giving an older dog a second chance at the life he or she deserves. Please remember they are in need of homes through no fault of their own. It is certainly not their fault that they have gotten older. It happens to all of us. You may be surprised how little age matters when you see some of these great dogs.

In fact, if we didn’t tell you how old some of them are, you would probably have a hard time guessing. These dogs are the ones who really need special people to come forward.

If you are financially stable and ready to adopt a dog, please give these older dogs a second chance, a place in your heart and home.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree. All my dogs were adopted as adults because I love their personalities and by then you can tell what their temperaments will be like. Two of them are now seven years old and they are still beautiful and healthy, and are very active when out but calm when in the house. Puppies are not for everybody and it is better to choose a dog based on activity level and personality rather than age or looks..

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