Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mei Mei - The Lovely Lady

I first saw Mei Mei in May this year. I was accompanying my nephew and his mother to see two puppies at a factory in Jurong, as they were looking for a puppy to adopt. When we got there, we saw quite a few adult dogs in an enclosure where the puppies were held together with their mummy dog.

They all came to us, seeking attention and greeting us with their smiling faces. I then saw this white dog with no tail. Her sad look and gentle behavior immediately struck a cord in my heart. Her ear was clipped, indicating that she was a stray which had been spayed.

Mei Mei on her first day with her new family.

According to Lynda and Fiona, Noah's Ark volunteers, she was rescued because she was starving in an industrial area where the stronger alpha dogs would get the food first from the volunteer feeders, and being meek and small, she always couldn't get any leftover to feed on.

The volunteers then took her in and sterilised her, with the intention of sending her to Noah's Ark in Johor, for she would not be able to survive if she was released back to the wild. The kind care-taker who looks after the rescued dogs in transition after being sterilised or treated, called her "Lovely" as she was such a lovely dog.

Mei Mei in her new lovely home!

I always thought I was a "one-dog person". I already have my dog, two year-old Chu Chu, who is my pride and joy; my "only child". Before Chu Chu, I had my sweet "Su Su”, whose death from cancer in early 2006 still pains me today.

Both are white mongrels. Both are female. Both are good-natured. Su Su was a stray when I adopted her. Chu Chu, whose grand-mother was a stray, was born in my neighborhood. Su Su was street-wise but totally devoted to me; and Chu Chu, adopted as a puppy that never went through any hardship, is innocently sweet, friendly and spoilt.

Mei Mei has her own garden.

And here was Lovely in that enclosure, another white female, whose quiet ways and timid nature reminded me of my late Su Su . A strong urge came over me to want to protect her. But what about Chu Chu? Will she be able to accept her? Will I be able to cope with two dogs at home? Will I be able to give equal love and attention to two dogs?

I struggled in my mind for a while, looking at Lovely, and the next thing I knew, I told Lynda and Fiona to delay sending her to Noah's Ark, so that I could take her in for a trial period to see if Chu Chu would get along with her.

Chu Chu befriending Mei Mei.

So one Saturday afternoon, Lynda and Fiona brought Lovely to me. I was told to bring Chu Chu to the park in the estate so that the two dogs could meet on neutral grounds. Chu Chu, fun loving and eager to befriend any dog, went forward to greet her. With her rough ways; she immediately wanted to play with Lovely, who was tense and scared, trying to pull away.

We later brought both of them to my house, and Chu Chu was happy to have a playmate! After consulting friends, I decided to give Lovely a new name - Mei Mei. Depending on the tone when you say the name, it can mean lovely or beautiful in Mandarin, or little sister.

Chu Chu and Mei Mei becoming fast friends.

It has been more than a week since. Mei Mei has settled down, but still behaving tense and lacking in confidence. Chu Chu tries to dominate her in a mild way, but otherwise they live in harmony.
I hope Mei Mei can
gain more confidence in due course, and I hope I can make her happy. She is such a gentle lady - tolerant and well behaved, and so easy to look after. She deserves a better life in a place where there is security and love.

Contributed by Mei Mei's new owner, Ms Ng Suan Eng .

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