Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Milo - JRT

Hello hello!

My name is Milo and I am a little JRT. I am here at Noah's Ark because my mummy went to work in Germany and left me with Uncle Raymund.

Please do not be mistaken that I am abandoned. In fact, my mummy loves me very much! Once, I fractured my leg and my mummy paid a lot of money to have a rod inserted into my leg so that it will heal better.

My mummy tried to rehome me to her friends initially. However, I disliked to be carried because if you carry me incorrectly my hind leg hurts and I will snap at anyone if that happens and only my dear Uncle Raymund can carry me.

My mummy was worried that if some one adopted me they might not know or understand the reason behind my bad temper and may send me away should I snap one day but she trusted Uncle Raymund and left me with him.

In Noah's Ark, I sleep in the clinic and I am a well behaved boy.
I don't chase or bite cats, I don't disturb the sick animals, I don't soil the clinic and I keep out of the way whenever there is a surgery.

I would like to tell my mummy in Germany:

Dear Mummy, please do not worry about me. I am very well here. There is Barnie the St Bernard whom I can sleep beside when the weather gets cold. Most of the time, I have tiffs with Susah, another JRT.

Usually, we quarrel with each other over who has the bed. So Uncle Raymund got an extra bed for us and we still fought over who gets the new bed. Then we fought over who has the bigger bed....

Other times, we fought over new piles of towels; who had a bigger pile of towels and we have a tug of war with towels etc....

We fought but in truth we never hurt each other and we made up with each other right away. Whenever we misbehave, Uncle Raymund would scold us and jokingly threaten to turn me into Ovaltine.

Nevertheless, I am still the same old Milo you left behind.

Mummy, wherever you are in Germany, please don't worry about me. I am well and safe in Noah's Ark. I miss you and I look forward to the day of your return and our reunion.

Love with Lots of Licks,

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