Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Little Andreana helps Puppy Prince

Little Andreana has visited Noah's Ark a few times with her brother Andre, sister Andrea and mommy, April. The kids love Noah's Ark and are never tired of the animals. Mommy April and little Andreana read our blog nightly as a bedtime story, while patiently explaining to Andreana the rescue cases, abandonment and even sterilization.

All of 8 yrs old, little Andreana is wise beyond her years. Her passion and love for the animals, simply amazing.

Andreana was extremely upset when she read that little Prince was attacked by a Rottweiler and insisted her Mommy call us to ask how he was.

Her mommy tells us that Andreana makes cards, art & craft at home as she is constantly selling them to her family members to raise money for Noah's Ark!

Last week Mommy found out that our volunteers were taking Prince to the pet hotel to visit Lady, and Andreana insisted Mommy bring her there to meet Prince. She had also made a card for Noah's Ark and generously donated her piggy bank, all $8.20 of her savings.

We were touched by the gesture from this young little child and were hesitant in accepting but Mommy insisted that Andreana wanted to help the animals at Noah's Ark. She was so proud of herself, and she should be!

Andreana loves little Prince and always insists on carrying him, although he is growing fast and getting a little too heavy for her. She wants to help more animals at Noah's Ark and come August 3 (Sunday) when MattLeah organizes the National Dog Walk at West Coast Park Dog Run, little Andreana will be attempting to complete a 1.5km walk with Prince in Paws for a Cause.

Andre, her eldest brother has a medical condition and is unable to walk that distance, but will be cheering his little sister on and waiting for her at the finish line. Her elder sister Andrea; will assist Andreana with Prince.

So come on down with your dogs and participate in Paws for a Cause and accompany Andreana and Prince through the walk. Prince's Mommy, Lady, will also be making a special appearance at the National Dog Walk - we know many well-wishers are looking forward to meet this courageous lady.

To register for the National Dog Walk, please go down to the 4 participating pet shops on July 12 & 13, 19 & 20, between 1pm to 7pm.

25A Lorong Liput S277735
Tel: 6468 8838

1 Jurong West Central 2
Jurong Point Shopping Centre
S 648886
Tel: 6791 9989

PETS KAMPONG - Great World City

PETS KAMPONG - Novena Square Mall

Registration costs $10 per dog. We look forward to see you there!


JPJ said...

Hi Andreana

I think you are a very kind and remarkable young lady to be starting a career in charity work so young in life, I was about 25 years old before I started to do volunteer work for different animal causes.

I will be working for Noah’s Ark on the day of the “Doggie Walk” so I won’t be walking my dog Meemok but would like to donate our entrance fee of $10 to your piggy bank collection fund for Noah’s. I will pass the money to Noah's on the 3rd August.

Have a fun walk with Prince and keep up the great work for the dogs like Prince at Noah’s Ark.

Kind regards Jacqueline P-J

Susila said...

Hi Andreana

You have a heart of gold and I am sure Prince and all the other animals at Noah's Ark will thank you in their own special way.

God bless!

AJ said...

My dear Andreana,

I salute you for your extremely generous spirit and your willingness to help Noah's Ark. Such people are hard to come by and you are an absolute gem.

Have a fun walk with Prince - all in the good cause of Noah's Ark.

You go girl (:

Anonymous said...

Hi Andreana

I am sure that Puppy Prince really adores you and so do we for your huge heart! There are so many needy dogs who just want a little bit of TLC. I will be walking my dog Pau for Noah's doggy walk Day. Looking forward to seeing you there.



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