Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kindness knows NO boundaries

Before reading further - please be aware that there are pictures below that might cause discomfort. Thank you!

Being a Muslim did not stop Uncle R from carrying this injured dog to us for help.

Noah's Ark volunteers were actually in the Toh Guan vicinity to attend to another rescue case but we could not trap that dog as it was extremely wary of humans. While waiting, Unlce R told us about an injured dog in one of the construction sites nearby.

He noted it had been about 4 days since the dog was hurt. We offered to take the dog to the Vet if he could find it. He then went in search of the injured dog.

On his rounds with a pack of loyal followers.

Uncle R works as a cleaner in that area and regularly feeds stray dogs and cats. He cycles his bicycle to various markets collecting chicken and duck neck and chops them up to feed the strays.

Uncle R's food for the strays.

After a short search he found the injured dog resting behind some concrete slabs. He approached the dog and carried it. The injured dog trusted Uncle R and allowed him to carry her to us. She must have somehow known we were there to help her. We then put her in a carrier and drove her to Mt Pleasant (Sunset Way) where she was seen by Dr Ang.

Carefully shaving off the fur to clean up the wound.

Dr Ang at Mt Pleasant had to shave off the fur around her wound in order to better clean the wound. The dog is named, Meenachi - given by Uncle R. Meenachi was extremely well-behaved during the entire ordeal. Not once wincing in pain.

Note how clean cut the wound is.

Dr Ang saw to Meenachi's wound and mentioned that her cut was possibly a slash wound, a machine cut or one which was sustained when Meenachi perhaps tried squeezing through a fence. She thought this was possible because the wound was a very clean sliced wound.

The wound was cleaned and Meenachi was to stay for the night, to have surgery done on her the next day. Meenachi will be spending a few nights at the Vet's clinic where she will undergo surgery by GA to cut away the dead skin.

Dr Ang will also pull some skin from Meenachi's stomach area, and use that to stitch up her wound. The wound may take a long while to heal as it is at an area where it will be affected by any movement from the dog.

No matter how long one has volunteered with Noah's Ark and helped in animal rescue work, one can never be prepared enough to face such injuries and sad situations. Fortunately this dog was found and saved early, before it's wound became maggot infested.

We are touched by Uncle R, who willingly and proudly carried Meenachi to us. He told me he was Muslim but he was extremely concerned for the dog and knew if he did not help, no one else would.

We admire Uncle R’s courage and selflessness. Every once in a while, someone like Uncle R touches our hearts.... and our lives.....


Anonymous said...

Hi, am touched by the kindness of Uncle R. But am wary of AVA lurking around to round up the dogs. The photos may prove to be a good lead for the authorities. Suggest to remove the telling pictures.

Anonymous said...

the stray circle definitely need more people like uncle R. people who are unselfish.. willing to give up time to feed the strays n tend to them..

furthermore a muslim gettin in contact with a dog.. i appluad uncle R!

Anonymous said...

The wound looks very clean. If the dog is caught in a fence, there should be some tugging and tearing on the sides. But no, wound looks too clean cut.

Think it must be slashed. Poor dog :(

JPJ said...

This is so encouraging, what a wonderful man, Uncle R is. He has given me hope!

Make sure Uncle R knows how many people and animals he has touched with his kindness. We need more people like Uncle R in the world:-)

Anonymous said...

please tell uncle R that we are all v touched by his kindness. this shows us that human kindness is regardless of religion, political ideology or whatever.
we need more people like him around.

gwenda said...

it's so nice to know that we have unsung heroes like Uncle R in singapore who care for our strays. i agree that it would be lovely if you could let him know that he has moved many of us.

(by the way lynda i sent 2 emails to you, did you get them?)

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