Saturday, July 26, 2008

Noah's Ark's Interview in TODAY Newspaper - The Stray Dilemma for Animal Groups

With the run up to raise funds for Project Industrial Dogs next Sunday, 03 August at the National Dog Walk, this article could not have come at a more opportune time.

Noah's Ark reinterates it's stance that the most effective, compassionate and humane way of managing the stray dog population is through active sterilization. One benefit of sterilization, is that dogs will become less territorial there will be less run-in with humans.

Let's try to work towards managing and controlling the stray dog population and put an end to this needless and endless reproduction cycle of unwanted litters.

To achieve this, Noah's Ark needs your support , in order for us to succeed with "Project Industrial Dogs", sterilizing 400 stray dogs for a period of one year.

Do come by next Sunday at "West Coast Dog Run" from 10am to 7pm to participate in the National Dog Walk 2008, and help sponsor a dog for sterilization at $120 per dog.

Together hand in hand, we can manage our stray dog population humanely as we grow towards a gracious society.

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