Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Lady In the Making

Lady arrived at Mt Pleasant Animal Hospital (Whitley Rd) in the pet transport, on time for her follow up vet appointment on Thursday, July 17. She recognized the volunteer from afar and wagged her tail as she went up to sniff the volunteer.

As Lady walked into the clinic with an air of grace and confidence, dog owners sitting in the reception commented on how sweet she looked and asked about her ear. If only they had seen her ear two months back!

As if enjoying the attention, Lady stood in the reception area gracefully, allowing people to pat and stroke her.

Looking at happy Lady today, she is a far cry from the days she was rescued.

Vet techs and the receptionists recognized her and called out to her. They were delighted to see her and commented that she seemed to have put on weight. So her weight was taken. Yes, indeed - Lady had gained 1.5kg in the past two months.
All the efforts from friends and our supporters to feed Lady twice daily with home cooked food and supplements have benefited her.This Lady seems to enjoy her fine dining of meats, eggs, liver and supplements.

Lady waited patiently for her turn to see Dr Nan and as she waited, she sniffed and tried to befriend a huge gorgeous Great Dane.

She has good taste!

The fact that she took an interest in other dogs shows that she has gained confidence and is definitely feeling a lot better. This is a far cry from the days where she just sat and stared blankly ahead of her.

Her wound is healing beautifully.

We are pleased that she has come this far. Lady was examined by Dr Nan and she commented that Lady was a most apt name for her. She was demure and had an air about her. Lady's ear has almost fully recovered and she no longer needs to go for follow up visits.

However, sadly in the process of checking her ear, Dr Nan discovered a cyst on the right side of her neck. Sigh, as if she hadn't already suffered and gone through enough. Dr Nan too, felt sorry for Lady.

The cyst is slightly bigger than the size of a fifty-cent coin and Lady will need to undergo a surgery as soon as possible to have the cyst removed. Her surgery date has been set for the morning of July 25. She will also be sterilized on that same day too.

Lady can't wait to get out of the door after the consultation.

Her bill for the removal of the cyst and sterilization is estimated at $500. We know that after having gone through such hard times, Lady will survive this minor surgery. We just hope that Dr Nan does not discover any other ailments while in the midst of the cyst removal and sterilization.

On a lighter note, Lady's son, Prince, has grown into a fine young dog. He is well behaved, sweet and his coat has grown a shiny black. Gone are his scars from his puppy days where he got into fights over food from the streets, nor the scars from being bitten by the Rottweiler.

Mmmm.... yummy meatballs made specially for Prince by Andreana.

He is living with a fosterer and he loves his fellow play mates. Little Prince was also recently treated to a bowl of home made meat balls, made specially for him by little Andreana.

After news of Andreana doing her bit of charity for Noah's Ark got out, she received a lot of encouragement and positive feedback from members of the public.

She has written a note to thank her supporters and hopes to garner more to raise funds for the animals.

Here's her note below:

Andreana will be walking Prince at the upcoming National Dog Walk 2008 on Aug 3 at West Coast Park Dog Run.Do join us and we hope to see you there!

p.s. We would also like to take this oppurtunity to express gratitude to the following persons.

A note of thanks to JoJo and Chris of The Pet Hotel for taking such wonderful care of Lady during her stay.

To all the Vet Technicians and staff at Mt Pleasant Animal Hospital for giving Lady so much love and care.

To everyone who has contributed in some way or another towards Lady's medical bill, food, etc.

Thank you everyone for making the difference in Lady's life.


Simplicity said...

hi how do i register for the dog walk? any pre registration or jus register on that day itself?

hear from you soon.. tks

Panda's World said...

all the best to lady and prince and many strays out there.

JoJo Schnauzer said...

Hi simplicity, pre-registration is over but you can still register on the actual day. Hope to see you there!

Hi panda's world, Lady and Prince will make an appearance on that day. Do pop by to meet them. :)

Anonymous said...

hi, i am interested in the walk. so you mean, i can just bring my dog over and register on that day itself?

thanks in advance =)

JoJo Schnauzer said...

That's right! Just turn up to register on the actual day :)

Beneficiary of Animal Merchandise :)

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