Monday, July 14, 2008

JJ - The Loyal Stray Dog

A very sweet and cheerful JJ despite all the hardship she has endured.

After JJ was rescued, she was taken to the Vet for a medical and was found to have a severe case of heartworm and live worms in her. She was given an injection and some anti biotic. JJ needed weekly injections for her heartworm and was taken to the Vet weekly by a volunteer. Another volunteer helped shave her down as she was badly matted.

From the look of the muzzle, age is catching up with our dear girl.

Now after some weeks, JJ is looking good. Her coat is short and neat and she is clean! She has been eating and resting well and put on some weight. She is extremely friendly and sociable. She jumps to greet visitors and we know she is grateful to her saviours.

Despite being cruelly abandoned, JJ of Jurong still loves humans, pats and attention.

Touched by her loyalty, a well-wisher, Ms May L. has kindly sponsored JJ's trip to Noah's Ark, while Ms June B. has sponsored JJ's stay at Noah's Ark for the first year.

We are in the midst of processing her permits and she will be leaving for Noah's Ark soon. There, she will continue with her heartworm treatment. We're sure she'll be happy in Noah's Ark making many new friends, having a shelter over her head, regular meals and medicine for her health conditions.

We thank everyone that has written in to express their concern and shown their support for JJ; friends who have donated supplements, food, Ms May L. and Ms June B. for giving JJ a better life in her twilight years, a life she truly deserves.

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