Monday, June 30, 2008

Benji Gets A New Family !!

Sparky in his new home.

Yesterday, our newest family member, a Bichon Frise (previously known as Benji) arrived. As many of you would remember him as the "dirty mop", you would also know that he was abandoned by his last owner at a construction/industrial area. Noah's Ark Cares rescued, cleaned and nursed Sparky back to his former bouncy self.

When he first arrived, he was named Benji. However we have since re-named him Sparky as my husband Richard wanted his name to start with an "S", in line with our 2 children – Sean and Sophie. One of the first things that Sparky did was to take a ride in Richard's Beetle as he had to send me somewhere.
Next, Sparky took a jog with Richard along the Singapore River. Routinely, Richard would do a 3km run and to his astonishment and surprise, Sparky managed to keep pace and run along with him! Although my husband is not an avid dog lover alike me, he really took to Sparky thanks to his running abilities.

An excited Sparky couldn't hold his head still for his first car ride with daddy.

I noticed that Sparky had previous toilet training as we did not have much trouble in this area. He also really enjoyed going on car rides. Even at 12 midnight when I had to go out to pick Sean up, Sparky was still full of energy and ready to go!

Initially, we fenced Sparky in the kitchen area where we also placed his bed (a big basket comfortable with cushions). Before long, Sparky knew how to break out of his temporary fencing. We then reinforced it with 3 chairs. But Sparky was not to be deterred!

He started whining and charging at the gate in order to break free. His efforts soon paid off in half an hour and this time, we decided to shut the kitchen door but it too, was of no use. There may be some bull blood in him as he still kept charging against the kitchen door.

Eventually, I gave up and let him roam freely around the house. Due to Sparky having no fur (his fur was shaved off as it was matted and extremely dirty during rescue), he reminded me very much of a lamb. It was a case of "Mary had a little lamb".

Every time I got up to get a drink or go to the toilet, Sparky would trot happily after me. He is now my shadow as he would not leave my side. Perhaps he was insecure in this new strange environment and needed some human company.

We eventually realized that Sparky hated to be left alone and eventually I allowed him to sleep in our room. Knowing now that his bed is in our room and physically close to us, Sparky slept soundly throughout the night.

Being lovable and full of energy, Sparky has bounced right into our hearts and our whole family simply adores him. I felt a tinge of sadness when I left home for work this morning, but I am eager to see him run towards me when I get home tonight.

By Mommy


We would like to thank Teresa for her contribution in this blog and for giving Benji a good, happy home - at last!

p.s. We would also like take this oppurtunity to thank June Boey for kindly sponsoring Benji's medical bills. :D


Anonymous said...

another story with a happy ending :)

Anonymous said...

that's nice... Sparky was so cute. But (no offense) his eyes were a little creepy...

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