Friday, June 20, 2008

Barnie - Saint Bernard


My name is Barnie and I am a Saint Bernard, the famous breed of dogs from the Swiss Alps bred for rescue work.

I was rescued in Malaysia. My ex-owner imported me but had no time to train or care for me. To control me, I was tied to a toilet for a year. The lack of excercise caused my leg to turn inwards as I was still young and growing then.

Finally, he had enough of me and sent me to SPCA Selangor. All dogs that are been sent there has a time frame of 2 years to be rehomed before being put down and my time was approaching....

I am lucky that Uncle Raymund found me and brought me back to Noah's Ark. When I first arrived, I was all skin and bones. I had heart worm, eczema, ticks etc due to poor health and poor nutrition. Uncle Raymund took a long time to treat and nurse me back to health. Now, I am a glorious sight!

My best buddies were Tosca (Bull Mastiff) and Beethoven; another Saint Bernard. The 3 of us used to hang out together for some "big" time comradeship. Tosca has since heed the call of the sanctuary above and Beethoven has migrated to another part in Noah's Ark.

I spend a lot of time in the clinic now as my coat is unsuitable for the hot and humid weather of the tropics. The air condition in the clinic helps prevent skin conditions. Another reason I am allowed to stay in the clinic is because I am well behave - I get along famously with cats, I don't soil the clinic area and I am a quiet boy.

When you are here for a visit at Noah's Ark, please remember to give me a pat. Don't be fazed by my size, I may be huge but I am a gentle giant. Not only am I very friendly, I am big and beautiful too!

Paws and Licks,

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