Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Update - Lady (10 June)

Still her quiet self since admission.

Wound has been cleared of maggot.

Tucking into liver and gizzards donated by a well wisher.

Volunteers visited Lady over the weekend and her wound is healing. The Vet Tech at Mt. Pleasant tell us she is eating well but still a little dazed and still in shock.

They take her out for her daily walks but she does not seem to want to walk and often needs to be carried to the grass and carried back to her cage. They think she may be confused with all that has been happening with her.

In a day or two, she will be transferred to the pet hotel where she will remain for a week or so until her red blood count stabilizes and then she will undergo surgery to have her right ear removed.

Many people have written in, hoping that she will survive this ordeal, having come this far.

We think she will . . . she is a survivor!

As for her little son, Prince. He was at a different branch of Mt Pleasant (Sunset) this evening. He has dry and itchy skin and needed a skin scrape to ensure he did not have fungus. He will be put on anti biotic and will see the Vet again in two weeks time.

Apart from his dry and itchy skin, Prince is enjoying himself at his foster home, playing with the other family dogs and being a very happy puppy.

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Mia 'thousandhound' said...

Poor Lady. That's terribly sad.

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