Sunday, June 29, 2008

Before and After - Honey (Mongrel)

Honey is one of our fortunate rescued victims. She is our poster girl for July in the Noah's Ark calendar 2008.

She is one of our success story of an abused animal - rescued, treated and rehomed to a loving family.

Frequently few people bother about the negative impact they have on an animal abuse done on a reckless whim. There are also many people out there with a compassionate heart who give their time, effort and money unconditionally to rescue these animals.

We hope those in the compassionate camp will outnumber the other.

One of Noah's Ark's objective is to educate the public about preventing animal abuse and compassion for animals. Also, we want to reach out to like minded individuals that are aligned in thoughts to Noah's Ark no-kill policy to rescue and rehome abused animals.

Through our sterilisation projects like Project Industrial Dogs, we need your help and support to control the stray population to stop bringing unwanted puppies into this world, provide medical treatment and monitor the the current stray dog population in humane ways and educate the public on the importance of stray sterilisation.

Here is Honey, a living proof and example as a lesson for all of us. We hope to find more of you on the same side of the fence with us.

** Kindly note the photos as follows may make you uncomfortable.

Cut by a wire tied too tightly around the neck.

Close up of the weeping wound.

The neck is almost servered.

Honey had to be anaesthesized to have her wounds cleaned and treated.

The wound closed up after 2 weeks of treatment.

Honey back for a medical review in high spirits after 2 weeks of treatment.

A much doted Honey in her new home.

Groomed and poised for her new life.


Jules said...

Thank you so much for creating this blog and the updated stories.
~ Alicia

Anonymous said...

Honey !! I'm pround of u

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all those at NANAS who did not give up hope, which is often so easy to do, and the family that took Honey in. You all have help to save and change a life. Bravo.

Beneficiary of Animal Merchandise :)

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