Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lady Checked Into The Pet Hotel Today

Our volunteer went to Mt Pleasant Animal Hospital this afternoon to fetch Lady to the pet hotel.

Somehow she knew she was going to be moved to a new place. The Vet Techs mentioned that when they open her cage, she usually stands up and walks out of the cage.

Today when they opened her cage, she just lay there and stared at them - the same blank and empty stare that followers of our blog have seen in almost all of Lady's photographs.

The two Vet Techs gently put on her new collar and leash, donated by a well-wisher and tried to coax her out of her cage.

Lady refused to budge. It took the two men a few minutes to lift her out of her cage. When they put her on the ground, she stood steadfastly to the ground. They tried tugging gently at her leash but she stood her ground firmly.

One can only guess that having stayed there for the past few weeks, Lady had grown attached to the people who cared for her, loved her, fed her and excercised her.

They said she was a real sweetheart and despite the pain and discomfort, would allow them to flush her ears and change her dressing twice a day without any fuss. They too had grown attached to her.

A nurse asked if Lady would someday be adopted; her eyes reddening at the thought of her leaving them. Of course we hope that a loving family would take Lady in and care for her like a part of their family; but it is still early days. Lady still has to overcome a major surgery in a few weeks time.

Then the nurse asked if anyone would be adopting the little Prince. To date no one has offered to adopt him and we are not in a hurry either.

Kind friends have written and called in to offer to pay for Prince's boarding charges at the pet hotel so that he can be with Mommy but first; he needs to be vaccinated.

Not wanting to leave her comfort zone, Lady had to be carried to the clinic's reception area by Edward -the Vet Tech; her favourite man in her life now.

Lady refused to leave the clinic with our volunteer and Edward had to bend over to talk to Lady, telling her that she was going to a bigger cage to recover and that she could come back and visit them next time.

He too found it hard to part with Lady. When he turned to leave, Lady tried to dash after him but was held on by our volunteer. With nowhere else to go, she walked out of the clinic on her own.

Surely you didn't expect Lady to jump into the van on her own, did you? She had to be carried up, of course!

She seemed to enjoy her ride to the pet hotel, walking about at the back of the van and looking out of the different windows. I wondered if she knows how far away from home she is? Perhaps she remembers the last time she was in that same van was some weeks back and she had maggots falling out of her ears then?

When Lady arrived at the pet hotel, she had a short walk outside before entering the compounds. She was anxious, stressed and started trembling. She had to be patted and assured.

When she was brought into her kennel, there were many dogs barking, welcoming her to their compound - again Lady trembled and just crouched on the ground.

There are no current photographs of Lady in the pet hotel as we would like to let her to settle into the new environment first.

The staff at pet hotel will now have the responsibility of taking care of Lady and changing her bandages twice daily. Lady also has antibiotic and iron tablets to boost her blood count.

She will also have her supply of different kinds of meats delivered to her daily and we will be visiting her again over the weekend.

Stay tuned to this gentle Lady who has shown us that she has the will to overcome all obstacles.

For all stories on Lady's rescue, pls click her name under the Label section.

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