Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Lady Smiles!

A bit of fresh air does wonders to bring on that smile!

Volunteers brought Puppy Prince to visit his Mommy over the weekend. See the cute picture of the little one waiting patiently in the pet hotel's reception, to go in and visit his mommy? He had no idea what was in store for him - it was his first visit there.

When we walked through the gates and towards Lady's kennel, Prince started shivering as all the other dogs started barking enthusiastically to welcome him. When we finally got to Lady's kennel, Prince wagged his tail in delight when he saw his mommy and he started licking her face.

Little Prince waiting patiently at the reception area to visit his mommy.

To our dismay, Mommy's response was lukewarm. She wasn't particularly overjoyed at seeing him - she was happier receiving her bones and daily meat supply! We felt a tad sorry for Prince with Mommy's reaction towards him.

We sat in Lady's kennel with Prince, while Mommy lapped up all her food. When she was done eating, she sniffed Prince a little and walked about her kennel. We are not sure if she no longer recognizes him as her puppy as they have been separated for quite a while? Or is she still in some shock from the massive loss of blood and pain and having so many things happening to her in this short spell of time. Whatever the reasons, Prince was elated to see his Mommy but we felt sorry for him.

Lady enjoying her bone.

We stayed for a while and left with Prince. Having said all that, Lady does seem a little happier. Look at her photograph - do you actually detect a slight smile? There seems to be more life in her eyes.

She is a lucky Lady indeed - she has had a constant stream of visitors and well-wishers - people coming to visit her with treats, or just to see how well she is recovering. We have yet to decide if Lady would like Prince to stay with her in the kennel for a week or so, although we're sure Prince would love it.

We will bring Prince for another visit soon, and gauge their reaction, before deciding. In the meantime, Lady's wounds are drying up and healing well. She will be due for a medical review next week.

Stay tuned for more updates.


Lorac said...

Great Job. a pat on the shoulder for those who have helped Lady & Prince.

I look forward to read the blog everyday & it never fails to warm my heart.

God bless you great guys.


mia 'thousandhound' said...

Wow...Lady is looking so much better. Everyone should be so proud of the great work they have done to save her life.

jh said...

i agree with lorac that lady's story is very heartwarming.
it's great to see her progess as the days go by.
hooray to the volunteers for their fantastic job.

JoJo Schnauzer said...

Thank you evryone for your encouragement and we look forward to see Lady back on her feet :D

Anonymous said...

lady's getting better and better. she's gaining weight @ last! truly, lady is one of kind. from the many local dogs i've handled, she's the most docile despite of being a stray. I hope she'll find a new home and a family to love and take good care of her.. the soonest..

God bless!!!

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