Thursday, June 26, 2008

JJ - The Loyal Stray Dog

We received a call from a lady to help a stray dog in Jurong. No, it’s not the one hogging the limelight of our blog recently, although this one deserves more attention; positive attention, that is.

There is this stray dog - JJ, she used to be a factory dog and she used to have an owner. Her then owner was the security guard of the factory. The factory had a no animal policy and JJ was kept in secret inside the guard house; only to be let out after dusk.

When the factory moved out, JJ was left behind….. That was 5 years ago!

The empty plot of land that JJ continues to guard faithfully. This picture was taken on the day of the rescue, while it was raining. We were concerned for JJ and went in search of her.

Faithfully, in rain or shine, JJ continued to guard the “factory”; now an empty plot of land with grass long overgrown.

The same lady, who works in a nearby factory, was surfing the internet, came across the work of Noah's Ark and called us. She told us that a security guard from a neighbouring factory had been providing JJ with food and fresh water on alternate nights for the past 3 years.

Lynda Goh, a volunteer with Noah's Ark sheltering JJ from the storm while waiting for the van to come rescue JJ. Everyone involved in the rescue were moved to tears by her loyalty.

She told us that the security guard's work contract was ending soon and he would be leaving in a month's time. The guard was worried and felt sorry for JJ. He was both amazed and touched by her steadfast loyalty and hoped that she would continue be provided with food and water, even if it is only on alternate days.

Another volunteer speaking to JJ during the rescue, ensuring her that we were there to help her and to take her to a better place. And guess what, she went into the van willingly!

JJ is no longer young; she looks to be about 8 to 10 years old. After her rescue, she will be sent for a thorough medical check up and thereafter be re-homed in Noah's Ark. Unfortunately, we don’t think she has many years left. Our hope for JJ would be for her to live out her life in happiness, comfort and dignity; never having to worry about incumbent weather, shelter nor her next meal again.

JJ getting her very first shower in years after the rescue.

JJ has already given her utmost to fulfill her guarding duties. Now, Noah's Ark will step in and afford her the best care in her twilight years.

At Noah's Ark, we believe all animals should be given a second chance in life.

There is no doubt JJ truly deserves it.


Anonymous said...

touching. brought tears to my eyes. nice to know that this story has a happy ending.
keep up your good work, volunteers of Noah's Ark!

Anonymous said...

I would have bawled my eyes if I weren't at work. Am glad JJ has found a happy home. Many thanks to the factory lady who alerted NANAS on JJ's plight. May kindness - no matter how small a gesture - beget kindness.

Anonymous said...

Im truly touched by this post. Grateful to know that there's this place called Noah's Ark Cares giving homeless dogs endless love and care. As a dog- lover, i feel happy for the dogs and will visit the dogs soon! :)

Beneficiary of Animal Merchandise :)

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