Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Benji - Update (04 June)

Remember little Benji boy, found at Jurong industrial estate with a bad eye injury?
It has been some weeks and he has been staying at a fosterer's home, receiving lots of love, care and attention. He thrives on it!

Last Friday our Noah's Ark volunteers took Benji to the Vet for his eye follow up. The Vet, Dr Heng, examined his eye and noted that his recovery was slow, and the ulcer was rather deep.

However she decided against operating on his eye at this present moment, choosing to give it some more time for new cells to grow and for the eye to heal on its own. Dr Heng also noted that Benji had a hernia and some decayed teeth that needed to be removed.

Benji underwent a minor surgery on Monday to be sterilized (and have the hernia issue solved) and also had a few decayed teeth removed and dental scaling done.

Benji must be a lucky boy indeed because a kind lady by the name of June, read about him and went to Mt Pleasant to visit Benji on the day of his surgery. She also generously paid for his medical bill for his castration and dental.

We'd like to thank June for her kind gesture. Our volunteers took Benji back from the Vet this afternoon, back to his fosterer's home.

When they picked him up, Benji was already his usual bouncy self! We hope his eye recovers soon.

Should anyone wish to adopt Benji, please email

New adopter should preferably have some experience managing dogs.

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