Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lady (Update) - 05 June 2008

Noah's Ark volunteers visited Lady this afternoon and managed to have a word with Dr Nan, the Vet in charge of Lady. We requested that Lady have a blood test for heartworm and liver and kidney checks. Lady has cleared all those but revealed that she has Ehrlichia .

Due to this new sickness which has further weakened her health, Lady has not been bathed since her admission for fear of aggravating her already frail health. But we are hearten to report that Lady is eating well and is also been given supplements donated by well wishers to boost her health.

Lady will need to remain in hospital for another 2 weeks or more until her blood count stabilizes. When her condition stabilize, she will undergo a major surgery to have her entire ear remove. It will be a difficult procedure and we wish the best for her.

She has gone through so much and we hope she will have a full recovery. We can't wait to take her to Noah's Ark where she will live in comfort and happiness and never have to worry about her next meal.

As for her little Prince, he is happily playing in his fosterer's house and turning into a cheeky little boy. He no longer has round worms nor tape worms in his stools. His scars from his tick bites have healed, his skin is getting better and putting on weight.

He will visit Mommy this weekend to cheer her up again.

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