Sunday, June 22, 2008

Update - Truffles is Home!

Truffles arrived safely at Noah's Ark and her caregiver/rescuer from Singapore had the pleasure of making a trip to Noah's Ark to release Truffles into 10 acres of lush doggie paradise! The joy and pleasure of watching Truffles bolt into the vast lands of the Sanctuary was an indescribable feeling.

The joy shown in Truffles sprinting with boundless energy across the entire Sanctuary, the happiness and light in her eyes, her gratefulness - I'm sure it made volunteering and rescue work all worthwhile. This must be the "reward" that other volunteers speak about.

The pleasure and satisfaction of helping and rescuing animals. Truffles was indeed in seventh heaven. It's amazing how loyal dogs are.

Truffles walked beside the caregiver throughout her visit at Noah's Ark, leaving her side only for a few seconds to do some sprints and then she would be back in an instant, pacing beside the caregiver, loyal and grateful, begging for pats and belly rubs.

We are glad that Truffles was rescued and brought to Noah's Ark - it is a tough life being a stray, and even tougher being an unsterilized stray. Imagine not having food nor shelter and having to give birth to litter after litter of puppies every half yearly and watching these puppies go hungry, wet and cold during downpours, knocked down by cars while in search of food and shelter.

This is not a life we can ever imagine but it is a sad fact. There are many strays, especially in industrial estates. Truffles had 6 puppies, only two could be rescued - Ben & Jerry. It is fortunate that Ben & Jerry have been adopted. Not all strays have such fairy tale endings, neither puppies nor mommies.

This is why Noah's Ark has decided to embark on "Project Industrial Dogs". We plan to actively educate factory owners about the importance of sterilization, licensing and microchipping.

Stay tuned to find out about Noah's Ark's launch of "Project Industrial Dogs" and how you can play a part in helping all the Mommy Dogs that roam the streets as a stray

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