Monday, December 21, 2009

A message from Ms Chew Gek Hiang, President of Noah's Ark CARES

I have often been asked as Christmas draws near by many if giving pets is a “wonderful” idea. With many arguing that this, is probably one of the few instances that money can buy love! Indeed, one can not deny that the happiness one does receive from a beloved pet can in a way be “purchased”.

However, in reality, there are many issues involved if pets are seen as gift “options”. The biggest issue being the responsibilities that pet ownership brings with it. So whilst, one can appreciate the motivation that a giver may have, the recipient may then be “saddled” with the onerous responsibility of being a new pet owner !!

There are also less pleasant aspects of pet ownership like house training ,lead training ,early morning walks, frequent meal times and the list goes on when a new dog comes to your life.

If it starts to sound more like a “job” rather than fun then think again. Being a pet owner is a commitment for life – in many ways you now have a “life partner” who will give you much joy and tears and many tasks to perform during your time together. As it is often said, that the first instance one sets eyes on one’s pet – one sheds tears of joy and all too soon, these tears turn to sadness as one has to part with it.

Ideally, this is a scene one would wish to see in many pet “relationships” but unfortunately only a fraction of pets actually live out their lives with their “first love”. Too frequently, the pet is abandoned in its “relationship” often through no fault of its own.

Hence, I believe for any “life-long” relationship, it is important that enough thought and “soul searching” is done by any prospective pet owner.

Is it therefore possible that such a decision can be reached when it is “thrust” on an unsuspecting owner in the form of a gift? Hardly so. As such, perhaps, “an option to adopt or purchase a pet” could be a viable alternative.

The selection of a “lifetime companion” should not be done at one’s whim and fancy but only after much deliberation. Then, this wonderful gift will be a gift of lifetime love that both can treasure with the passage of time.

Ms Chew Gek Hiang
President of Noah's Ark CARES

Last but not least, in light of the christmas spirit, we have a very cute clip (via the link below) to share with you. But of course, it is related with animals. Do remember turn up your speakers when you watch it! Enjoy!

From all of us at Noah's Ark, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D

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