Thursday, November 13, 2008

Update: Diesel has been adopted!

Do you recall Diesel? The kerosene smelling dog? Since his discharge from Mt Pleasant, Diesel has been spending his days at Mutts & Mittens through the kind sponsorship of Ms C.L. Today, his wound has dried up and is healing very well. The only trace of his previous injury is the loss of fur accompanied with a sort of skin discoloration. Looking at Diesel today, you wouldn’t have the faintest idea how tough and sad his life had been.

Diesel's initial gaping maggot infested wound

Diesel's wound today - certainly healing very well!

When volunteers first rescued him, his bones were protruding and his foul smelling wound was maggot infested. This wound was possibly the result of a fight for food in the industrial estate where he lived in.

Upon being rescued, Diesel fell into a deep sleep as soon as he was put in his kennel at the vet. He seemed to be extremely weary - tired of an aimless life while living on the streets with no food, water or shelter. Moreover, he needed food to be strong enough to fend for himself. This wound was probably caused by the stronger dog who managed to beat him to the little available food in the area.

Subsequently, while Diesel was recovering, our friend, Ms C.L helped find Diesel a home. Besides bringing various people to visit Diesel, she put up notices in Vet clinics and Shopping malls. Finally, a couple, Aunty Cathy and Uncle Yuen, took a liking to Diesel. They gave the matter some thought and visited him three times before deciding they would finally take Diesel home.

When he was first rescued, Diesel was severly undernourished

Diesel today, looking rounder, especially at the tummy area!

Volunteers from Noah’s Ark picked Diesel from Mutts & Mittens and sent him to his new home. His new family waited eagerly for him and he was welcomed with open arms and hearts. Even the family helper quickly took a liking to Diesel! After a few moments of sniffing about to check out the home, Diesel decided he liked the family helper and the kitchen best. He happily followed the helper around and even drank water from his new water bowl!

A place to call home

Diesel looking very happy in his new home!

Initially, we were all prepared to send him to Noah’s Ark after his recovery but were pleasantly surprised when our friend Ms C.L said she had found a new family for Diesel. Since then, Diesel has put on quite a fair bit of weight. Look at his round tummy! Although he still occasionally has a distant look in his eyes, his eyes now have a little sparkle to it that portrays his happiness.

Thank you Ms C.L for helping Diesel in more ways than one! We are sure he will never forget your kindess and compassion.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news!!! May God bless all who helped Diesel.

Pai Pai said...

I believe in miracle and it truly exist :) God bless C.L for all her effort in finding disel and great home and the family who welcomed Disel with their open hearts and giving disel a chance to be loved again...

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