Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Please give me a home! - Kobi the Golden Retriever

I am a dog without a home.
At 5 years old, I am fully grown.
I used to have a family I lived happily with
But they are the people currently causing me grief.

Having a pet is a responsibility,
As my owners, they had to take good care of me.
I was not something that can be easily disposed of,
I was not a problem that they couldn't solve.

With the impending economic crisis,
My previous owners stubbornly insist.
That they no longer care and love me,
Abandoning me at SPCA, they let me be.

They walked out of my life, never turned my way,
It was heartbreaking as I wanted them to stay.
I was almost put to forever sleep,
For my former owners were too cheap.

My name is Kobi,
I am a dog meant to run free.
I am a dog that has loved them for years,
But they let me go amidst money fears.

Thankfully someone felt sorry and I was rescued,
My faith in humans gradually renewed.
I hope that my future home would love me better,
A place filled with abundant love, food, water and shelter.

*If you are interested to adopt Kobi, please call Suzanne @ 96975363 for more details. Please note he is not meant to be a HDB dog. All potential owners will be screened and interviewed. Thank you and we hope that he would find a forever home soon.


Anonymous said...

people like kobi's owners are a disgrace to the human race. how anyone can abandon a loyal companion who has given you unquestioning love and loyalty just like that is beyond comprehension. a pet is not a piece of furniture or accessory to be discarded when you no longer fancy it!
hope kobi finds a good, caring owner that he deserves.

Anonymous said...

I think we should be kind with our words. We never knew what is the other side of the story. Who knows, the previous owner could be in heavy debt due to the recent world financial crisis and face problems feeding themselves. Or they may faced other unspeakable issues. We should not jumps to judgement. If we can show care to pets, we should be able to show understanding to mankind too. Based on the blog, at least they bring kobi to the SPCA. If they really want to abandon, there is no need to bring it all the way down to SPCA.

Anonymous said...

Agree with 2nd contributor's comment. Yes, "LOVE" is the main component for us to deal with animals as well as peoples.

Wishing Kopi will find a good home like Diesel. God bless Kopi.

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