Saturday, August 2, 2008

NA Rescue - Meenachi's Update

The stitched up wound

Meenachi has undergone surgery to have her wound stitched up. Dr Ang performed the surgery by pulling the loose skin from under her belly and using that to stitch up the wound.

Meenachi having to wear a collar while recovering

Looking at the wound now, it looks like Meenachi is on the road to recovery. However, she does not like having to wear the e-collar and is constantly trying to remove it. The reason why she's wearing an e-collar is to prevent her from removing her own stitches by licking or biting them.

Unfortunately she needs to have the collar on for quite some time to prevent her from aggravating the wound. She also needs "cage rest" to minimize movements and to allow the wound to heal on its own.

Meenachi is playful, sociable and has a healthy appetite. She enjoys having visitors. We are hoping that when she has fully recovered, she will be able to find a permanent home with a loving family.

Will you be able to give her that?

** picture is by kind courtesy of Ruth

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