Thursday, August 14, 2008

Diesel's recovery update

Before reading further - please be aware that there are pictures below that might cause discomfort. Thank you!

Presently, Diesel is residing at Mount Pleasant and he has a regular stream of visitors ranging from both sisters to well-wishers who have heard about him. He usually wakes up just to eat before he puts his head down and falls back into deep slumber. That’s how tired he is, and having a roof over his head for once and regular meals, would contribute greatly to his recovery.

Diesel's wound looking extremely painful and raw

Ruth and Ester, the 2 sisters who first alerted us to him, have been visiting him regularly and soothing him with their words and home-cooked food. The yummy food is to help boost his immune system, as well as fatten him up. We believe that his condition would continue to improve and one day he would recover his full strength.

Still skin and bones despite eating well

Coming from an industrial estate where food has to be fought for and occasionally without a roof over their heads, many injured stray dogs may not usually live if they had an injury like this. Diesel was extremely lucky that animal lovers caught sight of him and were willing to spend the time and effort to capture him in order to help him. If not, like all other stray industrial dogs, they might die if such an extent of injury was suffered, and no one would ever miss nor knew they existed. Such is the sad but true life of a stray dog.

Scars from living life as a stray

Diesel's quick recovery has amazed doctors. Once again, these animals which show their resilience and will to live is something we can all learn from. Diesel is all set to be discharged on Tuesday (Aug 15) and we will be transporting him to the pet hotel where he will continue treatment.

We would like to take this chance to also thank Ms June for generously sponsoring Diesel's Vet bills and transport to the pet hotel. Thank you very much for helping Diesel! (:

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I believe Diesel will pull through the painful ordeal, and will have a speedy recovery. 加油!

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