Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lily - White Pomeranian

Hi everybody,

My name is Lily and I am a white Pomeranian.

I often wonder if I was given up as I had lost an eye and was no longer deemed pretty.

Luckily for me, Noah's Ark came to my rescue when they heard that I was going to be put down. Two months after being rescued, Noah's Ark found me a wonderful home.

At first, I was worried that my new owner might be frightened by my looks. But that was not the case and I am very lucky that Caitlin loves and accepts me as I am.

I go for my daily car rides to pick her from school as well as attend all her social gatherings. She is not ashamed that I am not perfect. I guess I am one of the lucky ones who have been given a second lease of life through re-homing.

So, if you are ever considered getting a companion, do consider a "second hand" pet like me. Be assured that you will be loved just as much if not more as if you had taken us as a young animal.

Paws and Licks,

p.s photo courtesy of volunteer photographer - Nickolas Lee

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