Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shadow - Husky

Yo there!

I am Shadow the husky.

We are strong willed dogs bred to work. If we do not have a task to fulfill, we became destructive and willful. As close relative to our wild ancestors - the wolves, we love to howl. It's a way of communication especially when we can't see our family members, howling is a way of maintaining contact over long distances.

Sadly, many people consider us beautiful dogs but failed to appreciate out unique personalities and temperament.

My previous owners were no different and eventually abandoned me at Noah's Ark. Not surprising, I was very frustrated and angry at this abandonment and attacked many of the other dogs.

But with some disciplining, lots of love and patience I have learnt to accept authority and leadership within our "pack" at the Ark.

I am a much happier dog now; content with the large grounds at the Ark that allow me to roam with a purpose.

Why don't you check on me on your next visit to the Ark?

Paws and Licks,

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