Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just one click of the mouse goes a long way!

Dear Friends of Noah's Ark,

We have agreed to help a new company carry out a market research survey before it launches a new product aimed at helping dog owners better understand their dogs. Their mission as a company is to help dog owners get the most out of the relationship they have with their dogs and to benefit the whole of the dog-owning community round the world. We are very excited with the opportunity that they have offered us.

Their unique product is know as PAWSONALITY and it is a carefully researched and validated canine personality questionnaire. It assesses both you and the dog's personality highlighting the areas where you and your dog's behavioural styles are similar and where they are different. The report generated by the questionnaire focuses on areas where simple behavioural changes by an owner can influence a dog's behaviour in a positive way - and Noah's Ark members could be amongst the very first to benefit.

PAWSONALITY is giving a FREE questionnaire and report to the first 500 dog owners who complete the online survey.

In addition, for every completed survey received by the company, a cash donation is being made directly to Noah's Ark to help us fund our work.

If you have a few minutes please complete the survey. This link will take you straight there - http://crayhouse.com/limesurvey/index.php?sid=81295

One of the really exciting things about PAWSONALITY is that one of its core aims is to generate revenue for dog charities in every one of the company's key markets. Up to 30% of every sale of the PAWSONALITY Questionnaire will be given to charities nominated by customers. At the point of sale, each and every customer will be able to nominate the charity to which the company will donate on their behalf.

With your help, we will be able to ensure that PAWSONALITY is developed and launched as the product that you, as dog owners, will benefit from most and that we as a volunteer-funded organisation can look to for on-going financial support.

There is a portion in the survey to leave your thoughts and feedback, so please take this opportunity to help Noah's Ark as well as this new company. Thank you very much in advance!

Just by clicking your mouse, it can go a long way!


Lynda Goh
VP of Noah's Ark

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