Wednesday, August 3, 2016

TNR of the Construction Site Cats


We put up a blog story previously about these construction site cats which we helped to sterilize late last year. You can read more about them at Any bit of contribution helps in offsetting their sterilization/medical bills. Please email us at, thank you!


From BFF (an individual rescue group) Facebook page (

A few months ago, a feeder was approached by some construction workers, who were seeking help in obtaining cat food as they were unable to afford the food anymore.

Upon investigation, the feeder discovered that there are around 100 strays cats that the workers are currently taking care of. These workers have been using their own pocket money to purchase rice and other food that they can afford to. Sometimes, the workers are only able to afford cheap fishes that they will cook, and then mix with rice for the cats.

After hearing about the workers' plight, we immediately informed a few friends from other shelters for help. We are deeply grateful to the kind people from Animal Lovers League (ALL) and Lily Low shelter, who provided immediate help by providing cat food, even until now. 

We are also very grateful to Noah's Ark Cares for spending large sums of money to provide medical care to the sick and injured cats, as well as helping to sterilize them. Some sick kittens were given medical care and were subsequently rehomed.

If you like to contribute and help the cats, please donate to Animal Lovers League - ALL Authorized Page, Lily Low Shelter or Noah's Ark CARES. Alternatively, you may send us a PM.

If you wish to contribute cat food, please contact and order directly from Jane of Loving Pets at 63461286 (open from 1-6pm and closed on Mondays). Please mention to Jane that your orders are for the construction cats so that she can advise you on what to order.

All donations made via BFF will be updated on this post. Thank you!

You can read up about the story of the construction cats from the NAC blog:

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