Tuesday, August 9, 2016

As we celebrate the nation’s birthday today..


As we celebrate the nation’s birthday today, we will definitely like to bring you a happier story. Though there is still much room for improvement on the aspect of animal welfare locally, there are always people who care for the homeless babies out there and for this, we are eternally grateful for these often weary but kind hearts.

Qiqi has been living on the streets for about five years. Her caregiver CL watched her grow up but has never managed to get close enough to the wa...ry girl to catch her for sterilization. A couple of weeks ago, Qiqi appeared in front of CL with a badly infected wound on her right thigh. There was pus and the vet informed us thereafter that there was a large pocket underneath – which means the wound was much bigger than it seemed on the surface.

CL finally managed to successfully trap Qiqi after a couple of failed attempts and Qiqi was brought in to the clinic to have her wound cleaned and medically treated. Qiqi was also sterilized at the same time as well had an umbilical hernia fixed.

Qiqi’s wound was stitched up after a couple of days and she was finally well enough to be released back to where she came from – where CL will continue to keep a lookout for her. Qiqi stayed at the vet for close to a week and her bill came up to a four-digit figure. Can you help us with Qiqi’s medical bills? Please email noahsarkcares@gmail.com to contribute any amount, thank you.

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