Friday, August 19, 2016

Beauty.. is in the eyes of the beholder


Beauty.. is in the eyes of the beholder. A magnificant black and white big-boned girl, most dogs from Beauty's area on Jurong Island are easily 30kg dogs. She herself is already 27kg though she still needs to put on a bit of weight! Beauty is estimated to be slightly over three years old only, though she does look a bit aged probably due to the harsh conditions on the island.

Beauty has been hospitalized twice thus far, first time for complications during her spay surgery and a couple of weeks back, she was listless, running a high fever and had diahorrea from infection due to tick fever. We had a huge scare as there were initial suspicions of leptospirosis!

Beauty is now at a boarding place and we are looking for a fosterer/adopter for her. She does look a bit goofy but this smart girl has already attempted escapes a couple of times - both at the vet clinic and boarding place!

Email us at if you will like to foster/adopt her, or if you can help with her medical bills. Thank you!

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