Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bottle - with his head stuck in a container!


What a day! While most of us are comfortably gathered at home or at the National Stadium to watch the National Day Parade, our caregivers for JIP (Jurong Island Project) have been working under the merciless sun as usual taking care of the dogs like on any other day. Together with SOSD Singapore, we are still trying our best to sterilize the dogs on this restricted island.

This handsome little boy had his head stuck in a plastic container for three whole days! He scooted out ...of sight very quickly during the past two days but earlier today, he was spotted once again and a few caregivers managed to corner him under a fallen tree trunk and pulled him out.

Now after some food and water, he is quietly lying down in a corner resting. The poor boy must have been badly shaken by this freak incident when all he might have wanted, was some food. And his name? We named him.. Bottle. :D

We are always in need of fosterers and/or adopters. If you can spare some space in your home and heart, please email us at noahsarkcares@gmail.com. Kindly note that the fostering period will have to be a minimum of one to two months as we will not want to move the dogs around as much as possible. Thank you!

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