Thursday, June 2, 2016

Newsletter June 2016: Noah's Ark CARES


Dear All
On 9 May 2016 Noah's Ark CARES was awarded charity status by Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY). This is indeed a great achievement to have attained this. It is positive affirmation that CARES has contributed significantly to the Singapore community through its work in animal welfare despite channeling most of its funds to help the sanctuary in Malaysia.

Following the change in status and the stricter regulations under the Charities Act, we were strongly advised by our accountants to ensure compliance and for good corporate governance - a clear separation of activities with funding of the Singapore and Malaysian activities should be made. As such, the sanctuary will be setting up a new entity to take over the running of the sanctuary in Malaysia. 
We will be redirecting all requests, donations and inquiries regarding to the sanctuary to the following email address
There has been much misperception and misinterpretation of this separation by many persons. It is a decision that was not taken lightly or without much deliberation. However with the increased regulations and requirements we were advised that this separation of accounts would be the neatest option. I will continue to head CARES and will highlight the work that has and continue to be done in Singapore. The CARES Facebook will now posts the community work that it has been doing in Singapore as well as feature the many dogs and cats that we have sterilized and that we deem adoptable. I do hope that you will consider them should you be considering a companion.
The new entity will be headed by a new team selected by Raymund Wee and I am sure you will continue to support his good work at the sanctuary.
I would also like to thank all our supporters and volunteers that have made this journey such a rewarding one - I know that we will never be able to save all the homeless animals but the many that we have been able to has made it all worthwhile. But more importantly it is because of all of you that we managed to achieve what we have been able to do.
CARES because we do and I do hope you will too. Do please continue to follow our work in Singapore as we start this new entity focusing on work done locally. It may not be on such a large scale but the work and the dedication is just as impressive.
I believe that everything happens for a reason and that is why I always look forward to every new challenge that comes our way. I just hope that you will also come for the ride.
Thank you.
Ms Chew Gek Hiang

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