Thursday, June 16, 2016

Odee, a 7+yo GR up for adoption!

Look who we have here! A couple of weeks ago, we were appealing for a fosterer for a GR (Golden Retriever) who lives in a factory but was left behind when the factory vacated ( L was very kind to step up to foster Odee and has taken extremely good care of him meanwhile.

We know of Odee from a few years back. Our volunteers first saw him when we went to his factory to catch the female dogs for sterilization under PID (Project Industrial Dogs). When we asked about his limp, we were told by the workers that it was an old injury and that he has already seen a vet.

In April this year, we were alerted about him again. We went down to the now empty factory and searched around but he and the rest of the dogs were nowhere to be seen. As it was about to pour, we turned to leave and actually saw him standing behind us wagging, though he did not respond to us calling for him before that! We grabbed him and he went into the carrier quite willingly too. It was time for a new life. Unfortunately, we could not locate the other dogs that were previously with him.


Giving Odee a good bath

Clean and comfortable and dozing off!

Odee is now ready for adoption and he is as cheerful as can be! We felt the serious looking photo does not do him justice, and the photo on the right is too cute not to be posted. :P Odee is looking for a place to call home, after having been on the streets for so long. He is both dog and child friendly. If you can look past the fact that he limps (he has four legs but walks on three), please email to enquire about this lovely boy. Thank you!

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