Wednesday, July 13, 2016

JIP Feature: Sweet Brown Boy!


Ever since embarking on the Jurong Island TNR project last year, there has been no looking back. A lot of time and resources have been committed to keep this going, with the volunteers toiling away under harsh weather conditions and we eventually hiring full-timers for the project. Especially for the team on the ground, tears of joy and sorrow have often been shed. Nonetheless, it is our commitment to ensure that as many helpless dogs on this restricted island are saved.

For a start, today we are featuring this lovely brown boy whom we brought out to a mainland clinic a couple of weeks ago. We do not have a name for him as yet – most of the time only the naughty ones get named first! :P He is very docile and loving, our pet transport could just ferry him in his van without crating him! He was looking listless and running a high fever but has since recovered from it.

We are always on the lookout for fosterers and volunteers to help these dogs. Fosterers to condition these dogs to a home environment so that they can eventually be rehomed, and volunteers to help with cleaning duties especially during weekends. We have to specify that fostering will at least be for a couple of months as we do not wish to stress the dogs by moving them around, and that most of the dogs to be fostered are adult mongrels though we might have puppies at times too.

Please email us at to discuss more should you be able to help us foster, or do not mind working under the sun to help these dogs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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