Thursday, December 18, 2008

Life of a Stray

Our life is harsh - did you know,
And it is a story that must be told.

I am a stray puppy living on a construction site,
One of the many hiding in plain sight.

Our mommy could not produce any milk,
So our tummies were never fully filled.

Every few days we get to have a bite,
When caring stray feeders make an effort to feed us late at night.

We drink water when rainwater collects in deep puddles,
Contaminated water that is full of disgusting germs.

Occasionally we have our lucky day,
When clean containers of fresh water are sent our way.

Amidst the dust, rocks and stones,
Buried in the earth are some doggy bones.

Some of my family members have already gone to heaven,
The result of many large industrial vehicle accidents.

These are dangerous conditions we live in,
Everyone claims we are too small to be seen.

Sometimes people drive right on by and do not care,
Ignorant and unknowing about our welfare.

I didn't ask to be born into this world,
It seems too unfriendly and cruel.

My future ahead seems too bleak,
Where is the warm loving home that I desperately seek?

This video was done by one of our friends which basically sums up the entire blog post. It is a sad and sombre plight that these poor strays are in. More often than not, hidden in the unseen areas of Singapore, they are easily forgotten by most people. However, we have taken the effort to highlight them to you and show your how tough their lives are as strays.

As the economic crisis looms around the corner, lesser and lesser puppies are able to find good homes. Our strays roam the unlit industrial streets, searching for food and water but not always finding what they need to survive. Moreover, with the many large vehicles in the areas, not everyone looks out for them. Sometimes, this results in horrific accidents of innocent and unknowing young puppies like Buddy and Ziggy. Life is harsh and there is no point bringing a puppy into this world if conditions are as such.

That is why we at Noah's Ark strongly encourage sterilizations – especially so for our industrial strays. Please do continue to support Noah's Ark and help us sterilize the strays. We hope that in time to come, we will be able to work towards the goal that there will be no longer anymore homeless dogs.

*Video Credits to Ester
*Article & Pictures to the Wombat


Dog Lover said...

Its really sad seeing all the strays without a home. Like any other pure breed dogs that most of us own, they too craves for human love. And most of the time, they are seen detest by human. Strays are often put to sleep in organisations such as SPCA etc, it may seem as a "LAST KINDNESS". But isnt this the same as running over by a vehicles on streets? But who cares? People simply dun take notice beacause it's not "CRUEL" and "THEY DIE A PEACEFUL DEATH". I believe these strays needed a chance to prove their worth. And by promoting adoption alone are not helping them. How many adoptions are there in the 800 dogs that are surrender/reported monthly to SPCA? And how many of these adoptions are considered successful? I believe we shld giv these dogs a purpose in life. Like most of the western countries, abandoned/strays dogs are trained to be guide dogs, Therapy dogs as well as rehabilitation dogs(Dogs who rehabilitate dogs with behavioural problem as well as their owners). This benefits the dogs as well as our society. I reallyy hope organisations such as SPCA, Action for Singapore Dogs ,Dog People as well as Dog lovers shld really work together for a greater purpose and not just limiting ourselves to a single solution. I know its hard, but NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE. Last of all, Im really happy and grateful that Noah's Ark CARES give us a greater insight into the life of these unfortunate dogs. Hope to see more from you.

GOD Bless
Dog Lover

Anonymous said...

I feed 18 stray myself daily and there are so many more out there in the same area which I couldnt reach.
I really hope that there more out there to step out and help feed and sterilz them.
It is hard to express how a stray feeder feel daily when they reaches the place where the stray are and pray that they are all still there ... non missing ...

Beneficiary of Animal Merchandise :)

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