Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jolie's Tale

Hi everyone, my name is Jolie and I grew up in an industrial estate in Jurong. My home used to be a factory and my benefactors were Yati, Denise and Alan.

I remember I had a very happy childhood. Yati and Denise, my lovely ladies and Alan, my handsome gentleman, never failed to play and feed me everyday. It was a very happy and perfect world to a puppy who never saw outside the confines of the factory! Although there were no beds or the comforts of a proper home, the factory was the whole worldI knew. The only family I had was Yati, Denise and Alan but that was more than enough for me.

One fateful day, (May 11, 2009-yes I still remember the date!) my life took a turn for the worst. A lorry had knocked me down and rolled over my left front leg, causing it to be immobile as the nerves there were dead. My three friends rushed me to a vet at Clementi. The vet on duty, Dr. Heng, took one look at me and immediately decided to perform an operation to amputate my front left leg. In total, two surgeries were performed on me and the pain I experienced was unbearable.

Kelly, a kind young girl, posing with Jolie a week after surgery.

When my three friends came to visit me during my recovery, I tried very hard to be brave. Yet it was seemingly impossible as the pain tore my composure and I was very upset that my friends had to see me in such a state. I wanted them to see me like I was before-a happy, playful little puppy. Still, all I could do was lie down and look at them sadly. I was very happy to see them and by that time, I had forgotten the trauma of the accident but I couldn't move too much yet.

After a few days, my wound healed and I realised I was missing a front leg. I couldn't understand why I was unable to stand up! However, the wonderful staff at the vet propped me up as I learnt how to walk again. Slowly as the days went by, I began to learn how to balance and eventually take small steps on my own. The patience, encouragement and care the staff showered on me gave me the confidence and determination to walk again. I understood I also had to accept the predicament I was in and move on in life. "This, too, shall pass" soon became my motto.

Soon, I began to take daily walks outside and even the chance to bask in the sun! I watched with gratefulness the beauty of nature and all its surroundings. The staff of the clinic allowed me to wander in the clinic and it was a thrill for me as I got to meet many dogs and cats who were there for treatment. The owners too, were extremely impressed I could walk so well on three legs. Pats and strokes were plentiful. I felt extremely loved and proud of myself :D

As I write this in my new home, I look back with a smile at how lucky I am to have my three friends - Yati, Denise and Alan. They were the ones who saved my life. My gratefulness also extends to Dr. Heng and her staff for the successful operation and the after care they graciously extended to me. Lastly, I would like to thank my new owner for accepting me into their family. I have been named after Angelina Jolie, the gorgeous American actress who's also known for having a heart of gold and having great strength. I will grow up to be just like her!

A last thought before I rest. Sometimes when you've hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up. With the help and love from others, that's exactly what I did! So if you are ever feeling down, do remember the plight I was in. Most importantly, think of how I managed to move on with my life. If I can be strong willed, so can you!

Love always,


Mary said...

yes jolie, i am so proud of you and i will pray for your good health and happy life.

Anonymous said...

such a heartwarming story of courage and love :)

huney said...

Yes Jolie, life is beautiful and happy regardless of the deformity or abuse we may encounter. It's a mind set & you've achieved all this in such a short time on this planet! Good for u girl!!! What a brave jolly little girl u r1 The force is with u!

Yati said...

Love u so much Jolie.Thanks to all for giving her so much love and care. Thank you again to Noahsark and Linda for taking care of my baby Jolie.

Denise said...

Its not only Yati, Denise & alan that helped her. There are several generous souls like Mursid, Marlina, Dan, Anwar, Ramesh and Tan. anyhow, the worst is over, Jolie. I feel good that you found a cosy and lovely home and family.. because that's the most important. You will grow up to a confident and well-loved dog.

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