Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Be among 4 lucky pet owners to have your Wish Granted

Wish-Upon-a-Bone to Help a Pet Live, Love or Laugh
between 10 May to 22 July’10

If you had a wish for a pet dog or cat, what would it be? Wish-Upon-a-Bone is Singapore’s first pet wish granting event developed by Wishbone Pet Foods. Together with Utt, MTV’s favourite VJ and ambassador of Wish-Upon-a-Bone, Wishbone will realize Singapore’s 4 most heart-warming or outrageously fun pet desires. Submit your most creative wish or simply vote for your favourite entry that might just help a pet to live, love or laugh.

Make your wish or vote at www.wishuponabone.com today!

Visit www.wishbonepet.com for more information.

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