Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mindy needs a family to love her

My husband discovered 2 fat little pups (abt 2-3 mths old) when he was walking along Sembawang Park. By the time he got home to tell me, the pups had disappeared. After 3 days of searching, my daughter and myself managed to rescue one pup but the second was no where in sight. At this point, Mindy's been to the vet and has had all the required shots. Her baby fur fell out and she didn't look too pretty for awhile but she is absolutely lovely now. See for yourself :)

A couple of points to take note:

* Mindy is a home dog, she is not confident on walks and loud sounds like a motorcycles or large trucks scare her.
* Mindy loves a good cuddle and will do her best to get on our laps.
* Mindy is a good guard dog who will bark at anything different.
* Mindy will even alert me when it rains.
* Mindy hates bathtime, I don't know why but she will struggle and whine.
* Mindy will poo on her walks or over the drain at home.
* Mindy has NOT been Sterilized or Micro Chipped yet.
* Mindy is a quick learner.

We can't keep her as we are here on a project and have only a month or so left in Singapore. Also, my husband is OK with rescuing dogs but he does not like the idea of a pet at home. We emailed other animal organisations seeking help since December but had no luck thus far. We desperately need to find someone to take her or as a last resort we will send her to the SPCA but I heard that they put dogs to sleep within 24hrs and we do not want that.

My daughter and I will truly miss her but we know that Mindy is not ours to keep. Please contact me at if you are able to care for Mindy or know of a friend who would like to adopt her for life.

Cynthia Tilaka

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