Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Gift of Life

It’s another year and your birthday rolls around again. Here’s an honest question. Are you tired of receiving presents that well, you don’t really want?

We have all gone through that. We are really grateful for the well wishes and thoughtfulness of our friends, but you have to admit, sometimes people just buy the more bizarre things.

Ever wondered if there’s a better and more meaningful way to spend money? How about a birthday gift that will save lives?

Come share your birthday gifts with us.

It’s an idea that came from a long tradition. In the past, children would pack up their old birthday presents and donate them to the children’s homes that would welcome these gifts. That way, the children are taught the values of sharing, giving and not hoarding.

So, when it’s your birthday, tell your friends about us. Spread the love. Tell your friends to make a donation to Noah’s Ark Cares on your behalf instead of buying you a gift. Do a good deed and earn karma points.

In return, you will have done something meaningful and benefited the thousand over animals at Noah’s Ark. You save your friends the hassle of running around trying to find an appropriate gift or buying something bizarre.

So, save your friends the trouble and do a good deed. Come share your birthday with us. Then it’s truly time to sit down and enjoy a blessed and meaningful birthday party with your friends, free of expectations and unwanted surprises.

Give the gift of life.

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