Thursday, June 9, 2011

Damsel in Distress

How does one define a stray? Simply explained, they are animals that do not have homes and/or that are not owned. The streets should not be their home, but still, not every animal is that lucky to have a permanent and cozy place to reside in. Some people find them a pest, though most of the time, the animals do not disturb them at all. We are unable to even understand why, but nonetheless, we take heart that there are still kind-hearted people caring for the strays out there.

Princess, as named by her rescuer, was spotted by J a few months back, loitering in her estate. She did not know where Princess came from, whether was she previously owned or abandoned or did Princess "relocate" herself from another estate. Slightly different from the local cats one normally sees – Princess is much furrier and looks a tad like a Persian cross. Regardless, J took it upon herself to caring for Princess and feeding her daily.

One week or so later, J noticed Princess' left eye becoming red and slightly swollen, and she hurriedly brought Princess to the vet. The vet prescribed some basic eye drops and medication, but Princess’ condition did not improve. It took a turn for the worse and by the end of the week, there was blood clotting and pus forming in the eye. J re-visited the vet with Princess again who subsequently referred her to Mount Pleasant to see an eye specialist.

Princess was admitted early this week with blood tests done on her and she was found to be running a temperature. But other than this, her kidney and liver are doing fine, she is FIV and FeLV free, just that her white blood count is rather high which is a cause for concern. An x-ray was done and Princess was also suspected to be having infection of the uterus which might be another reason for her fever. However, she is quite weak at present and surgery can only be scheduled when she gets a bit stronger, given that she is not eating much now and from what J told us, she has been losing weight.

Princess’ left eyeball has been badly ruptured and there is unfortunately no way to salvage it except for surgical removal. Her entire eyeball will be taken out as well as the eye flushed, plus she will be sterilized at the same time and her uterus removed.

There can be many reasons for her injury of which some of the more common ones are a cat fight or an accidental poke/scratch. We certainly hope this is not a case of abuse though, but we can’t tell for sure. Strays are sadly subjected to abuse at the whims and fancies of such attackers, and this is one regrettable aspect our society still has to improve in.

J’s family initially did consider putting Princess down as they did not want her to survive with just one eye and also the veterinary fees might be too costly. Dr Teo, who was the vet on duty, advised however that Princess was in really good condition for a stray, and there was little reason why she shouldn’t be given a second chance. That was when J hurriedly contacted Noah's Ark for help and advice.

J has kindly paid for the deposit when Princess was admitted, but with the various tests done plus the surgeries and aftercare, we are kindly seeking donations for Princess as well as a fosterer and/or an adopter. Princess will be up for adoption as soon as she has recovered. From there, only simple cleaning of the eye is needed for two weeks after the eye surgery.

Should you be able to help in any way, please email us at Thank you for your support!

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