Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thank you Wishbone!

A total of 747 Tag+Like+Comment+Share's have been collected throughout the Wishbone campaign, which means a $1494 worth of Wishbone Pet Foods will be donated to Noah's Ark CARES (Official Group) on the behalf of the public, friends and supporters.

Wishbone believes in creating wish-granting healthy meals that promises the tastiest in an unforgettably fun way and we believe that all dogs and cats deserve premium gourmet meals that are filled with love, even the abandoned homeless dogs & cats. Thank you for granting our wishes!

Their products are absolutely yummy and I'm sure our 800 dogs and 400 cats at Noah's Ark will get to lay their paws on it very soon! Even our volunteers couldn't help but take a photo with T-bone, the official mascot!

Noah's Ark would like to thank the public, friends and supporters for being willing models for this campaign. Most importantly, a big thank you to WISHBONE!
Feed Responsibly with the Great Taste and Natural Goodness of Wishbone!

Do you know that by choosing to feed Wishbone's range of natural pet foods, you too are pledging yourself as a responsible pet owner! This is because unlike many commercial pet foods loaded with slaughterhouse offal and grains, hormones, artificial preservatives and flavours that contribute to common pet skin and gastrointestinal conditions, Wishbone pet foods are free from these harmful ingredients.

Wishbone's Australian-made natural recipes will help you promote long-term good health, reduce pet allergies and also allow you to feed less with our high quality ingredients. Live the difference with Wishbone's natural pet foods today.

You can visit Wishbone at their facebook page:

Wishbone, the Taste Pets Wish for!
Wishbone Products
Experience Wishbone's complete range of natural pet foods at

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