Monday, November 14, 2011

Gluey: Unstuck and Saved

Gluey went through a very traumatic experience to get his name. His rescuers are the longest serving volunteers from Noah’s Ark. These days, on the weekends when they visit Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary, they take the drive out to look for unsterilised and injured cats so they can be treated before being returned to where they were caught.

One day, as they were going about their usual round of trapping stray cats, they discovered Gluey near a drain. He just looked dirty from far and they didn’t even realise he was covered in glue. It was curiosity more than a realisation that he was a cat. All they actually saw was something black, that had bits of plastic and was moving!

They called out to it but it backed away. Still curious, they decided to use food to entice it neared to them. They would leave a trail of can food on the floor that would eventually lead them to the carrier set there by the rescuers. It was only when it got nearer that they realised it was a black cat!

Gluey covered in sticky rat trap glue

Probably being traumatised by his experience, that little black cat was extremely cautious. He ate whatever that was far from the carrier but refused to eat the food placed near the carrier. They knew that he was extremely hungry as he kept meowing for more food. So they just kept adding more food, bit by bit, to gain his trust. Eventually, his hunger overcame his fear and he walked into the carrier.

At that point, the rescuers still didn’t know his body was full of glue. They only found out when they took him out from the carrier at the Sanctuary. It then dawned upon everyone that Gluey had probably been caught in a glue trap for rats! Because he was so much bigger than a rat, he had managed to free himself. But as he ran around as a stray, plastic and other stuff stuck themselves to him!

I am unstuck and saved!

It took a lot of work, but a month later, Raymund managed to remove all the glue from him and he turned out to be a really beautiful kitten with a rather unique cute round face. Come visit Gluey. You can’t miss that face. Despite his ordeal, he is a friendly and affectionate cat.

**Story kindly contributed by rescuers Eric and Evelyn

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