Thursday, May 31, 2012

Out of the bonnet and into a warm caring family!

Who would imagine finding a kitten in a car bonnet? A few faintish sounding 'meows" prompted our rescuer to open up bonnet for further investigation. A small and extremely filthy little kitten greeted her, not sure if we could call that a pleasant surprise? The rescuer whipped the little one out of the bonnet and settled her quickly into a carrier. The little one meowed relentlessly as she was likely not used to being confined to a small space. She was fed warm food and water, shortly after she fell into a deep sleep.

The rescuer named the kitten Chelsea and Chelsea was allowed to roam in the rescuer's apartment for a few days. Chelsea was extremely frightened, hiding under the bed most of the time. On the third day, her fear melted away and she became more inquisitive. When the rescuer first entered the room, she would stand and observe from a safe corner. Another day passed and she actually came running out when the rescuer entered the room! The rescuer had 2 other cats at home, but Chelsea was not bothered by them and was slowly introduced to the others through a playpen fence. A little intimidated by the bigger-sized friends, she would stand at the feet of the rescuer - a sign that she has an angel watching over her, what a clever little girl!

Adoption notices were posted on various online sites. Within a week, numerous enquiries came in for Chelsea. The rescuer was extremely careful when rehoming the kitten. This is because adopters need to agree to sterilizing the cat when she reaches 6 months of age, ensuring the cat stays indoors (cats can get into fights when they are allowed to roam outside and can also catch illnesses from other cats) and cat-proof the home to ensure the cat will not jump out of a window while trying to pounce on a bird outside (this happens a lot of times in apartments).

After screening the keen adopters, Chelsea was brought to the home of a couple who has just adopted Mario, another young kitten who was saved from the streets few weeks ago. Even kittens get territorial at a young age! During the next week and initially chasing after each other, both cats learnt to share toys and soon became inseparable. Chelsea was renamed "Mindy" at her new home. This is Mindy and Mario together below:

It takes so little to help a stray little kitten but the joy that comes after you find him/her a good home is simply beyond words. To us, it would mean there is one less stray on our streets.

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