Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Life as a Prince

This is Prince... a mature wired-hair JRT dozing off on his throne with his favourite porcupine soft toy.  He moved into his new home in June this year.  

If you had met him, you would not have known of a badly neglected life he's lived before he was rehomed to a wonderful family.

In August 2012, Prince thought a visit to the clinic was simply a check by the vet. Little did he know he was sent to be put to sleep! He's a bubbly and perhaps the sweetest JRT one has ever met.

To his ex owner, Prince was an old dog, with terribly bad skin problems and a huge lump on the outside of his right hindleg. Amazingly, despite all these, Prince did not once show any sign of aggressive behavior at the clinic.  Perhaps he knew he was going to be saved eventually?  Dr Alice Liaw, one of Noah's Ark volunteer vet contacted us to discuss a rescue plan for Prince.  The most immediate concern was to look for a fosterer/boarding place for Prince; in order for the lump on his leg to be removed; his skin condition to be treated, and to be neutered.

We later found out that Prince was always kept in the backyard of his previous home.  His condition was a clear sign of pure neglect. The most disheartening thing was that Prince was not sent to the clinic to be treated for his condition, but to end his life - human's easiest way to end a problem!  Once the decision was made to save this little life, Dr Alice worked closely with our volunteer to arrange for Prince's operation and treatment. Prince was such an active boy that the stitches on his operated wound came off twice, but that never held him back from running around and playing with his buddies at the boarding place.  Prince made many friends at the boarding place and he also attracted the attention of other human friends who would bring him treats each time they visited him.

Prince had a few potential adopters, unfortunately, he was judged by his skin condition. All were not prepared to spend the time and money to treat it, except for one wonderful couple. The couple agreed to adopt Prince after the first meeting in March this year! They saw beyond Prince's physical condition, they simply adored Prince!
This what Prince’s owner had to say about him "Prince came home with us just yesterday and he seems to be adjusting pretty good. He's walking by us and responding well to verbal consequences.  A little tap on the nose is necessary sometimes but rare. He's wonderful!" 

Since he has gone to his new home, his adopter has sent him for his dental scaling and treatment for his ear.

*The name "Prince" was given by Dr Alice and her team.  He did not have a name when he was brought to the vet by his ex-owner. 

"A stitch in time saves nine." - if your pet has a health issue, bring him/her to the vet quickly.  An early visit can save a lot of agony for both the pet and the owner, not to mention the vet fees.

Abandoning your pet when problems shows up is a very irresponsible and coward behavior.  Give it a little thought - when you treat your pet as your child, would you ever abandon him/her when he/she needs you most?

Pets abandonment will continue as long as humans bear the wrong attitude.  

We are the ones who can STOP animal abuse and abandonment.  Do your part to share.

Article contributed by Sharon Tang

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