Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mongrel puppies Sandy and Snowy looking for homes!

Mongrel puppies – they are just as cute and innocent as other puppies, though not so lucky to be born as strays where they will have to fight for survival. There were a litter of six puppies found by a kind-hearted guy at a construction site at western Singapore early this month and he just did not have the heart to leave them there alone. The mother dog was strangely taken away to a shelter as told to him but we have no idea by who or to where, leaving the young ones alone to fend for themselves.

Some of them have since been adopted, leaving Sandy and Snowy still looking for their forever homes. The girls are about 2 months old now and though looking a little scrawny at the moment probably due to lack of nutrients, they will soon flourish beautifully into pretty ladies with love and care!

Sandy – more adventurous and gets along well with other pets

Snowy – sleeps A LOT and loves food!

If you can consider giving them a home and are interested to meet them, please contact Alvin at 96943208. As always, we thank you for adopting over buying! J

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