Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ginger - Missing Labrador since Nov '08

Ginger, where are you?

This has been my first thought every morning when I wake up. It’s been so long and I really do miss her. It seems that the tears can’t stop coming, every moment where I worry for her safety and well-being.

Ginger has been missing for almost 3 months now. She's a cream-coloured, small-sized Labrador Retriever who is going to turn 3 years old this year. She first ran out of our house in Kuo Chuan Avenue (Marine Parade area) on the 12th of November. We haven’t been able to locate her since.

I have tried numerous ways and means of locating Ginger. Posters have been put up, routes have been walked, queries have been made and advertisements in the papers have already been going on for more than two months. Yet, all our efforts have seemingly been in vain as there has been no sign of Ginger.

With all these, I've received calls from people who have offered kind and encouraging words but also a fair number of people who played pranks on our situation. I tried calling Vets to ask if they would inform me if my dog appeared in their clinic. However, I was told that the Vets would only scan for microchip if the person who brought the dog in said it was a missing dog. If they do not mention this, then this dog would go undetected.

If you ever see a lost female Labrador, please take the time to bring it down to a Vet to get its microchip scanned. It may be my dog. My Ginger.

Tonight as I lay my head down on the pillow, the image of Ginger will flit through my mind yet again. I can’t stop the tears that well up in my eyes and I hastily try to wipe them away. As the months go by, our hopes also begin to dwindle. We are desperately trying not to lose hope and continue to pray that she’s safe and sound in that harsh world out there.

Ginger, where in the world are you? Come home please. I miss you so much.

$5,000 Reward for the return of Ginger. No questions asked.

If you see a Labrador that fits the description above or the photos, please call Hwee Ling @ 93899896 immediately. Ginger’s microchip number is **** **** *** 5189. One recognisable trait is that she has a small slit of the left side of her tongue which she accidentally bit when she was younger.


Mary said...

i am sorry Hwee Ling, i hope Ginger returns home soon. i sense your sadness and i truly hope Ginger is safe and will return to your side. Please do not give up hope.

nancy said...

I am so sorry to hear Ginger is missing. Ask the local vets if they can scan all yellow labs tht fit this description. Its a simple step, I don't see why they can't. You may try bring in picture and make your plea to the office staff. Use their first names when speaking to them, people love hearing their names, its amazing the attention you get when using a person's first name when speakig with them. Its a skill that i learned and it proves amazing results over the phone and in person. Be really nice and good luck I hope you find her.

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