Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sanuk's story

Like the saying ‘ like mother, like daughter’, this is so true about Sanuk, the shoe-loving puppy which I adopted from Noah’s Ark. She was found by volunteers at a construction site together with her sister and both were rescued.

Sanuk and sister, Kori living in the drain at a construction site.

At 5 months old when I took her from her fosterer’s care, she was very timid and would hide behind the sofa or door and responded only to me. She would bolt away from people, cats, children when we went out. And it took a quite a while to coax her to accept my husband. He was rather upset that Sanuk would bark and growl at him. We put it down to her experience at the construction site which perhaps caused her to fear.

Now, at 6 months, it’s a totally different story. Sanuk knows when he is back and jumps to greet him… with soft barks of happiness and playfulness. She is a fun loving puppy, loves to devour my shoes and slippers. She is able to obey commands, like sit, come and down. I am amazed at her ability also to learn what she wants …. Like being able to distinguish left from right… hence she is able to give her right paw on command and even at the word ‘both’ at which she will give both paws together.

Her endearing trait is that she is utterly ‘manja’ and likes putting her head on my lap, next to my face while sleeping. Being the puppy she still is, she has her routine of sleeping at night at 1030pm and waking me at 6am (or earlier) for her breakfast and daily walk. After which, she will plop herself on the sofa and happily play with her toys.

Sanuk whose name means ‘fun’ in Thai is living up to her name…. and I believe she is happy in her new home with us. Stay tuned to read the following story later in the week, where Sanuk's sister, Kori, has also been adopted into a loving home!

*Article kindly contributed by Renee Goh, Sanuk's new mommy


Anonymous said...

i enjoyed this story. it's always very heart warming to read stories of strays which have been rescued and go to good, loving homes

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving Sanuk a loving permanent home.

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