Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In memory of Eby

Eby was the adorable black dog featured in the month of May in our 2009 calendar. She began her short, hard life in an industrial estate in Toh Guan. It was a dark and stormy night when Noah’s Ark volunteers heard her crying and found her tied up in a factory, apparently she had been tied up for 24 hours a day come rain or shine.

After being rescued that night, Eby was brought to the volunteer’s home and took a bath as she was all wet and filthy. She fell asleep soundly and comfortably, probably for the first time in her life, on a cushion. Eby was an intelligent puppy and within a couple of days she learnt the basic commands like “sit” and was toilet-trained.

In less than a month, Eby fortunately found a new home with May and her family. A day before Eby’s arrived, the family had excitedly gone shopping for toys, treats, a pink collar and matching leash and a pink bed for her. It was heart-warming to see the love awaiting this little dog.

Like all puppies, Eby was full of life and extremely playful. She seemed to enjoy the garden the most – jumping into the bushes, rolling around in the grass and chewing on the plants! She liked playing with her toys and would bring them over to May and sometimes when May was taking a nap on the couch Eby would wake her up in order to get her to play.

Eby was truly loved by her family. They brought her to the vet to get her vaccinations and she was micro chipped. She enjoyed her daily walks where she showed her domineering trait by pulling May along with her leash. She was sent to obedience training classes and the trainer said she was intelligent but had a short attention span, and showed traits similar to Border Collies. May was in heaven on hearing that: to her Eby did look like a Border Collie, and like any proud parent she would love to hear the good things about her darling.

It came as a shock then that Eby started coughing out blood in April. Straightaway, May brought her to the vet, where she had an x-ray and blood tests. She was put on a drip and the vet thought she could be discharged in a couple of days. Yet, it was tragic for May to receive the call from the vet telling her that Eby’s condition had suddenly worsened and that she had passed away. The vet suspected it was a virus and May now thinks it may have been a virus that was picked up from her daily walks at the park.

Eby passed away on 13 April 2009. She was just a few weeks short of making it to the month she represented in our calendar. Eby may have begun her life in sadness and difficulty, but in her short life she did experience joy and kindness, and in the end she got to know what it is like to be loved by a human family. For this we thank May and her family. Eby will always be loved and remembered by those who knew her. May she truly be resting in peace.

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