Monday, January 11, 2010

A big thank you to everyone!

The Fish4Dogs food donation drive was a success! The dogs at Noah’s Ark are barking in delight and extremely happy to have a change of food to their regular menu. Each year, Noah’s Ark continues to advance in its mission to help the creatures of this world that are unable to fend for themselves.

Our volunteers at Noah's Ark helping to stack the food.

Deepa the JRT sitting on top of the bags of donated food. Deepa was abandoned and found on Deepavali 2007, thus her name.

Deepa getting the first whiff and taste of the yummy Fish4Dogs!

First, we would like to extend a heart-felt Thank You to Pet Lovers Centre for making this food donation drive so successful. Thank you for offsetting the cost in order to encourage the public to buy whilst donating the difference to us. This has helped us offset the cost of food we usually pay for at the sanctuary and we are extremely grateful for your thoughtfulness in picking us as a beneficiary.

Next, a big thank you to our dear friends and supporters who made a trip down to the pet shop to place orders for our dogs of Noah's Ark. Throughout the years, you've been with us every step of the way, always ensuring our sanctuary keeps running through your various donations and assistance rendered. As always, your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Leo enjoying his special treat of Fish4Dogs.

Obviously, Leo just couldn't get enough of it! Noah's Ark is unable to buy these premium brands for our dogs, thus these are indeed once in a lifetime treats for the dogs at the Sanctuary.

Deepa asked if you could donate more dog food to her friends at Noah's Ark? Check out the right hand column "Help Feed Our Animals" we have another ongoing food donation drive kindly offered by Reinbiotech.

Some facts about the Sanctuary.

What we need to keep 1,000 animals alive.

Dog Dry Food - 17 bags a day or 306kg a day
Dog Tin Food - 1 carton a day or 700gm x 24 cans = 16.8kg
Cat Dry Food - 1 bag a day or 23kg a day
Cat Tin Food - 10 cans a day or 400gm x 10 cans = 4kg
Cat Litter - S$1,200/- a month

Lastly, we end with this quote:

One of the sanest, surest and most generous joys of life come from being happy over the good fortune of others. - Robert A. Heinlein

With the constant help and donations from supporters such you, we know it will ensure that the animals at Noah’s Ark will never ever have to go hungry.

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