Sunday, January 17, 2010


It was almost one and a half years ago, when I first saw Foxy near my house. I had 2 dogs on the leash and had just started walk them. I saw something white in the bush and found that it was a small dog. He was hiding as he was scared of my dogs. I quickly put my dogs back in the car and asked him to come to me.

Surprisingly, he ran to me and jumped up happily many times as if he was asking me to help! He was in very bad condition - extremely skinny and miserable. He didn't have any fur left on his body. The only thing I could see was red skin and scabs. I bathed him and fed him but he was too weak to eat. At the time, I only knew of SPCA and trusted them to help all animals, but when I talked to them about Foxy, I received a big shock - the lady I spoke to said that they will possibly put him down immediately! Appalled, I instantly said no!! I rescued him so that he can live! Not to be killed!

Foxy when I first found him

The same day, I started to search for somewhere else that could help him. I was relieved when I finally came across Noah's Ark. Fiona and Lynda came to visit Foxy a few hours later and promised to help him.

As I spent more time with him, I found out that he had such a sweet personality, but my biggest fear was that he may be abandoned again – and it seemed that was his worst fear too. One day, he was sound asleep next my bed, when all of a sudden, he awoke screaming! It seemed that he had a nightmare, remembering those bad days. Still frightened from his nightmare, he kept following me around everywhere I go. Even when I moved 1 or 2 steps, he would jump up and tell me not to leave him. I kept telling him not to worry but still, he had trouble sleeping. He would stare into my eyes and seemingly beg me not to leave. I’m so sorry Foxy that I couldn't keep this promise that I would always be by your side...

Finally the day came, when he was to leave for Noah’s Ark. He kept barking at me from inside the cage as if he asking ‘Why? You promised!’ But in my heart, I will never forget him. Every day I am thinking about him.

October 4th was great day. I was reunited with Foxy!! But at first, I was worried that he wouldn’t remember me. The first few minutes he looked a bit puzzled. But after a while, he came closer and closer to me. I was so glad that he hadn’t forgotten about me after all. Now his fur is long and beautiful and he has certainly put on some weight. Seems he is getting on with his friends too! I wished I could take him home but knew better.

Foxy today, happily living life @ Noah's Ark!

Thank you Noah's Ark. I am so glad that he is now happy and living a peaceful life there. I personally hope to go and visit all the animals there again!

*Photos and article contributed by Ms Yasuko Yamamoto


Anonymous said...

i believe i saw this handsome fella at Pet Hotel ..a few cells next to my rescued dogs...he looks like a husky! v glad to know he's so much fatter and happier now!

Zeus Mongrel said...
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